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The Tattoo Pen is the only pen made specifically for drawing directly onto the skin for pre-tattoo purposes. It was researched and developed by Tim Hendricks and tested by some of the best tattooers in the world before it was available for the Tattoo Industry. Each brass refill is sold at a low enough price to be single use and disposable for sterility purposes.

The Tattoo Pen boasts a 1.6mm ball point, a sturdy 100% solid brass refill, an easy to change out solid steel holder, and an assortment of SEVEN different colours including red, purple, blue, black, pink, orange and green; specifically researched and developed to work with a tattooers proper need to draw directly onto skin. It was created, tested, and now provided by a tattooer for tattooers, and it is the only tattoo pen that is MADE IN THE USA. Buy now »

“I created the tattoo pen just to bring something better to the table of tattooing for drawing on stencils. I originally expected to make something cool just for my co-workers and me. I never expected it would be this big, that so many amazing tattooists that I looked up to and respected would be using something I created. There’s a great satisfaction and pride that comes with providing the tattoo community with a good solid product that aids tattooers' creativity.”
– Tim Hendricks


Original Tattoo Pens

Bag of 10 tattoo pens

There is a flat rate of £5.90 for all orders. Once you click 'Add to cart' you may purchase multiple items.

The tattoo pens come in bags of 10 pens, and are available in 7 colours:


Pen Holders

Pen holder

There is a flat rate of £5.90 for all orders. Once you click 'Add to cart' you may purchase multiple items.

We also sell a pen holder, available in 2 styles:

Black Silver


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